Aesthetic fillings

In our clinic, we use only composite fillings from reputable manufacturers. Among the general population, they are often referred to as “white fillings”. We have completely eliminated the use of amalgam (so-called “black fillings”) because we are guided by the principles of bio-dental medicine, which requires the use of biocompatible materials without harmful effects on the body. Therefore, when replacing the amalgam filling, we place a rubber dam (protective rubber) and use a strong aspiration so that the remnants of mercury, which are released during the removal of amalgam, do not reach the body.

Composite fillings mimic the natural appearance of teeth with their colors and properties. Their primary purpose is to replace hard dental tissues lost through caries or fractures, but they can also be used for aesthetic purposes to change the size, color and shape of teeth.

There are various types of composite fillings on the market today, and the choice depends on the amount of tissue that needs to be replaced and the position of the teeth within the dental arch. Talk to your dentist about choosing the best material for you.