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We pride ourselves on our modern, warm and impeccably designed clinic, that helps us and our patients feel pleasant, comfortable and right at home.

Inspired by excellence, we strive to deliver treatments of the highest quality to our patients, while ensuring they feel safe with our kind and caring staff.

Our partners

We use equipment and materials of the highest quality partners.

Free accommodation

We offer free accommodation to all our patients from abroad.

How Much Money Can I Save?​

Crowns, bridges or implants can cost 3-4 times more in the EU than in Croatia. Our services will suit you if you are in need of such treatments that are not available on the NHS.

Savings of thousands of pounds can be made even after flights and accommodation. The exact amount of savings will be displayed in your treatment plan.

Where are we

We are located 5 minutes drive from the airport, on the island of Čiovo.


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What to visit in the area?

The advantage of our location is that you are among the most popular destinations in Dalmatia. You can visit some of the most beautiful destinations on the Adriatic in an hour’s drive.


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