Esthetic dentistry


Aesthetic dentistry is a blend of art and science in dentistry. The simultaneous application of artistic and technical skills enables the dentist to achieve outstanding aesthetic and functional results. To achieve the goals of aesthetic dentistry, effective communication within the dental team is important, especially with the client in order to avoid unrealizable and even unrealistic expectations, and to achieve immense satisfaction with the client.


To achieve this in our clinic when creating a perfect smile we use Digital Smile Design or DSD. 

The key advantage of DSD lies in the fact that it fundamentally changes one of the basic obstacles in dentistry, and that is that the patient sees his new teeth and smiles only at the end of the procedure. With DSD, you can check your future smile in advance, before the dental procedures themselves.


The DSD process may include:


change the position of the teeth

discoloration of teeth

correction of the shape and size of the teeth

and correction of the relationship between teeth and gums.

These changes need to be adjusted to the proportions of the face in order for the teeth to look natural and harmonious.