Implant + superstructure + crown

starting at
KN 6750 price od implant itself 3750kn
  • price with 10% cash payment discount
  • Cash payment is made in two installments at interval of 3 months
payment methods

Erste Bank – Diners – 2-36 rata bez kamata

PBZ – Visa – 2-12 rata bez kamata

PBZ – Maestro – 2-12 rata bez kamata

PBZ – potrošački kredit Visa premium – 25-60 rata

PBZ – Visa premium – 2-12 rata bez kamata 

OTP – Visa – 2-12 rata bez kamata

OTP – Mastercard – 2-12 rata bez kamata

Implantology is the field of dental medicine that aims to compensate for the lack of one or more teeth by placing implants. Complete or partial edentulousness has a major impact on quality of life, with serious health consequences. Unlike mobile prostheses, which create a certain amount of discomfort, implants have a number of advantages, not only from a functional and aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of patient confidence.

In our clinic, implants are implanted by an oral surgery specialist with many years of experience and a high level of education. We use only implants from well-known world manufacturers, respecting the highest standards of sterility.