Pediatric dentistry

Pedodontics is a branch of dental medicine that deals exclusively with children. This includes measures of preventive dentistry (fissure sealing, education on oral hygiene, fluoridation, regular check-ups, etc.) and procedures on deciduous and young permanent teeth.

The child’s first visit to the dentist should be planned as early as one year of age, when the first baby teeth erupt.

With this early approach, possible problems in the child’s oral health can be noticed in time, and parents can be informed about the importance of preventive measures such as proper brushing of teeth, choice of toothpaste and toothbrush.

Keep in mind that the health of deciduous teeth is extremely important, and regular visits to the dentist in time can identify orthodontic anomalies.

The child’s first encounter with the dentist’s office should include getting to know the dentist, the doctor’s office, instruments and teeth in general, without any intervention that could cause a negative reaction and “fear of the dentist”.

When visiting our dentists you can expect:

  1. During the first meeting, we work on making the child trust the dentist. That is why it is important that the first visit is in a situation when there is no need for dental treatment in order for the child to experience the visit to the dentist as something completely natural and carefree.
  2. If a child is small and does not brush their teeth on their own, we teach parents how to properly care for their toddlers’ first teeth.
  3. We teach children who take care of their dental health on their own how to approach the maintenance of oral hygiene correctly.
  4. Through interesting illustrations and a story, we animate them to learn what caries is and why it is important to take care of your teeth regularly and properly, and through the game we try to review the current condition of the teeth and gums.
  5. All children who are encouraged to therapy receive a special diploma for bravery.
  6. After the visit, the children receive their first dental care package as well as further instructions on how to continue brushing and maintaining their teeth at home.