Periodontology is a branch of dental medicine that involves the treatment of the supporting structures of the teeth, which include: gingiva, cementum, periodontium and bone. Inflammation of the gingiva and periodontium is caused by many factors, both the irregular maintenance of oral hygiene and our daily habits.

What are the symptoms of periodontitis?


  • bleeding from the gums
  • swelling of the gums, redness and pain
  • recession
  • secretions and pus from the pockets
  • change in tooth position, increased interdental spaces
  • tooth mobility
  • tooth loss

The onset and course of the disease are often very poor in symptoms!

Am I suffering from periodontitis?

Most people do not know that they have periodontitis and that there are periodontists. Periodontitis often goes unnoticed due to the most common chronic course of poor symptoms.

Who needs a check?

75% of all adults, regardless of race and socioeconomic status, are affected by periodontitis. Periodontitis is the most common reason for tooth loss in adulthood. There is also an association with general diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and lung diseases.